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CDI College - Quebec Campus
Quebec, QC

CDI College Quebec City offers a wide range of programs in the business, technology and health care fields. As a leader in career training colleges in Canada, we offer our students and graduates the ability to prepare for success in their chosen career.

At the Quebec City campus, our team is committed to your success in your career training. We will be there to assist you from your first visit, right up to helping you find opportunities in your chosen career field. At CDI, an entire team of people will work with you and support you on your path towards a new career.

Quebec City, the capital city of Quebec, has a distinctly European feel due to its historic architecture and French influence. Studying at the Quebec City CDI campus means you'll be in close proximity to landmarks like Basilique Cathedrale - Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, the Citadel and Chateau Frontenac.

The CDI campus in Quebec City is located in the in the downtown core of the city. Within minutes of the campus, students will find restaurants, cafes and other amenities. Accessible by public transportation, those looking for a convenient place to go to school will love this CDI campus.

A traditional event, enjoyed by many from around the province, is the Winter Carnival in Quebec City. Held in February each year, the festival is a wonderland of ice sculptures and buildings, dog sled races, parades and concerts. A great event to take part in no matter which Quebec campus of CDI you are studying at.

CDI College - Quebec Campus
905 Avenue Honor-Mercier, Bureau 20 • Quebec, QC • G1R 5M6

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